What To Take To Treat Your Keto Rash

Keto rash is a quite uncommon skin disease that causes inflammation; its scientific term is a bit awkward: Prurigo pigmentosa. It sounds as though it originated from a formulated tale. The first description of this term came in 1971; the source was a Japanese dermatologist. Its appearance includes itchy and swollen skin abrasions; however, the color differs sometimes. It could be light pink, red, or brown.

The cause of the keto rash is still not proven. The reason is that there's no adequate research and study taken on Prurigo pigmentosa yet. Hence, it's challenging to establish the real cause and later prescribe some treatment. It's no jeopardy to human life, though, that there is a lot not discovered yet about keto rash.

1Bone Broth

One of the most reliable sources of keto that can be included in the diet is bone broth. It's a sure and dependable treatment for keto flu. Bone broth contains many essential nutrients. Whenever you are looking for natural anti-inflammatory nutrients such as proline and glycerine, you can source them all from bone broth.

Since keto rash causes inflammation of the skin, it's highly advisable to eat foods that counter inflammation. Doing so can help in speeding up healing. Once you eat the right foods, your body heals completely.


Another inflammation-reducing food is wild fish. Whether it's a sardine, mackerel, or salmon, it will do best. Their medicinal value is due to the massive amounts of omega-3 contained in them. Including wild fish in your diet will help reduce some of the intimidating symptoms of keto rash.

The ketogenic diet recommends the consumption of fatty fish. Since it contains omega-3 fat, it makes an excellent remedy for keto rash. In case fish does not agree with your tastebuds or is inaccessible, then taking fish oil supplements will do it for you.

3Selsun Blue Shampoo

The next way to fight keto rash is by using Selsun Blue Shampoo. It reduces the symptoms, although it cannot heal; either way, it can be an excellent remedy. For decreasing the irritating itch, it works perfectly. However, always remember to wash your skin and dry it thoroughly whenever you use this product.

Hot conditions are a great enemy of the keto rash. Once your body absorbs the warm temperatures and releases sweat, the skin area that accumulates the sweat becomes a habitat for the keto rash. When you're in ketosis, the ketone body, acetone, is present in the sweat, and it's very vexing once it's highly concentrated. In such areas, use Selsun Blue shampoo as soap. It may appear quite unusual, but trust us, it helps with the itch.


Here is another keto rash remedy; though, it's not meant for all: using probiotics. However, this is practiced only during the entry process of ketosis since your microbiome shifts significantly. Other than that, probiotics also aid in digestion and in keeping your gut healthy. Since keto diets are fiber-deficient, using probiotics offers significant help.

For your body to function normally, it needs fat. Once you are on a keto diet, fat becomes the primary source of energy, so your body should be in a position to absorb it into the system. Similarly, the short-chain fatty acids from the probiotic bacteria become a requirement if your body is to remain functional. Some specific gut bacteria aid in the digestion and absorption of the fats you consume.

Keto rash comes with itching and feeling uncomfortable and mostly occurs on the back, chest, neck, and torso. Younger females, around 20-30 years old, are often likely to experience the rash, as deduced by research. Moreover, it's more consistent around the central part of the body. Studies have shown that women are more likely to be affected, and the possibility of the rash recurring is high. It has also been suggested by some studies that Type 2 diabetes and critical insulin resistance are related to keto rash.

One of the simplest ways of treating this rash is by increasing the amount of carbohydrates you take. More often, this strategy will work. However, if you are considering the ketogenic diet, try out the elimination diet first and gradually rule out any allergic reactions that you may have. When nothing seems to be helpful, go for omega-3, bone broth, and Selsun Blue Shampoo. These are great options for treating keto rash.

Ardella Sanchez

Ardella Sanchez is a graduate of Missouri University Science & Technology, where she received her Bachelor of Science in education. Finding the ketogenic diet was a welcome (although not easy) end to a lifetime of struggling with weight loss. She now lives happily with her vegetarian husband in Rolla, MO.